28 February 2009

round toe flat room shoes

it's ready to fly to her now!
this loafer room shoes turned out elegantly with this fabric.
i hope it makes her happy and cozy.

26 February 2009

avocado mary jane room shoes

in my shop now.
these are upcycled avocado round toe mary jane room shoes with push button strap from my cute avocado corduroy skirt.
this is limited pair, the displayed model is US size 6.5 and I can also make 1 more pair of any size.

24 February 2009

23 February 2009

a plate full of sweet cherries

sweet and simple happiness.
red cherries on my own handmade majolica plate.

custom made sweater mary jane room shoes

the last mary jane from my sweater. good walking!

22 February 2009

21 February 2009

chocolate pudding

i hope it brings us comfort after a long tiring week.
have a good weekend!

20 February 2009

someday next week...

it's been sunny for the last few days so i'm very happy. and other good things..i got this cute red & white check pattern fabric from my sister (it's just enough to make 2 pairs) and i finished a sketch of the next mary janes. it reminds me of spring picnics! i'm so excited to make this t-strap mary jane. i hope i can finish it soon.

17 February 2009

belly dancer flat room shoes

in my shop now.

i think they will be great to wear for special occasions like wedding day or indoor party. next time i will take them with me for my cousin's bridal shower. because i guess the party will be parsi style so it will match well with the concept.

apricot tartlets

most of the time when i don't work on my shop i like to bake sweets and breads especially if these are for afternoon tea time. actually i need a 4 o'clock sugarrush so i keep some sweets around me. when i don't have specific ingredients i simply bake chocolate chip cookies or jam drop tartlets. it's quite simple to make. it only needs pie crust and any jam from the friut of your summer. when it's almost done baking, my husband makes the tea and we have a nice tea time. because my husband is nice and helps me i give him one.

16 February 2009

etsy front page

every morning, even before my husband gets up, i turn the computer on and check etsy to see what's featured on the main page and what other artist are doing. surprisingly, this morning when i was loaded the etsy main page i saw my mustard mary jane room shoes. i was absolutely extatic. i didn't think my work would be featured. i'm a relatively new seller and i thought they only selected established artist. Thanks to botanicalbird for including me in her treasury!
later, while i was eating lunch i revisited the main page and much to my surprise i saw my strawberry mary jane room shoes. today is the greatest etsy day ever!

15 February 2009

in progress

these are inspired by punjabi 'jutti' which means 'shoes'. usually punjabi wear the jutti for special occasions like wedding days or festivals. since i got this beautiful and delicate sari fabric always i've wondered which shoe design will fit with it. finally i made this pair and they look elegant like women in saris to me. so i would like to call them 'belly dancer room shoes'.

chocolate cake for valentine's day

it is a very simple chocolate cake that my husband and i love to eat so i bake it pretty often.
i got this recipe from donna hay's cookbook; modern classics and i replaced the amount of almond meal with unsweetened shredded coconut.
her recipes are always easy to follow and taste good. most of all i like to keep her recipe books and magazines close to me because there are nice pictures of each recipe.

14 February 2009

sunshine and mustard seeds

i woke up early this morning and found a nice little gift waiting for me. hellogemini had chosen my mustard mary jane shoes for her etsy treasury. thank you!

13 February 2009

white dishes

always it feels so good to have a few things around the house that i made by my own hands. i made these dishes last year; then i used to go to the ceramic studio 3 times a week but since my husband and i moved away from our old place it's been almost impossible to go there. it was very nice to start doing my pottery work again since i left my ceramic studio after graduation. so these days i really miss those moments .

12 February 2009

2009 spring collection - mary janes

strawberry mary jane room shoes in my shop now.
i often think about life in the country and all the beautiful flowers and warm colours. with spring coming soon, i made this pair to imagine life as a little girl running in the fields.

2009 spring collection - mary janes

mustard mary jane room shoes in my shop now.
when i look at these i think about ducks swimming in a pond. the mustard fabric, is a blend of hemp and linen and has a natural shine and texture. they are comfortable and hug your feet like mittens. the square toe was inspired by the ballet flat room shoes.

11 February 2009

custom made room shoes

these are customized room shoes for paul tieman. he sent me some pictures of the early italian renaissance painter, giovanni mansueti. this pair is inspired by the shoes on the painting.

black & white mary jane room shoes

ballerina flat room shoes

loafer room shoes

i kept making room shoes to sell online but after i made each pair my husband kept asking for me to make one for him. so i tried this loafer design from a book i had. this pair is a size 7 but i will make another one for him soon... with a different fabric.

round toe flat room shoes

the description for these room shoes is on my etsy shop. the round toe and pull straps on this pair reminds me the indoor shoes that i used to bring with me to my elementary school.

10 February 2009


...when i'm so tried of listening to the sewing machine i like to spend some quiet time doing crochet work. first, i put one of my favrouites cds on (garden state soundtrack, damien rice, or nick drake); second, i find a warm and comfortable spot in the room and get cozy; third, i begin to crochet. i keep going till i get tired or begin to miss my sewing machine again. occasionally, i get up to change the cd. for me, crochet is soothing and peaceful and allows me time to clear my mind.

sweater mary jane room shoes

since i started making room shoes for my etsy shop i had a bit of a stressful time but when i finished these mary jane room shoes which look so cozy, i suddenly felt much better. however, these shoes are no longer next to me. they are in the comforts of someone else's home. good walking.

things for my soul

my other new year started and i wondered what i was doing last year at this time. i hope this year brings me a comfort like a soft boiled egg helps me feel better when i am sick.