22 January 2010

quilted blanket for baby chickpea

today i finished to quilt a small blanket for baby chickpea. i made it with scrap fabrics that i've kept for a while so all the pieces are placed mix-and-match randomly. i wish our baby enjoys lying down on this blanket.

knitting alone projects 2010-2011

as a child i learned to knit from mom and she taught me to read japanese patterns as well. but now i have to knit english patterns by myself for my "knitting alone projects". i hope it doesn't take forever to finish these items.

18 January 2010

cheese cake..and a little celebration

my husband made this beautiful cheese cake for my birthday. it was very delicious and pretty as well. thanks a lot mitho zaan!

little mouse earflap toque

recently i'm crocheting winter toques for my little one and my friend's baby. they're so cute and tiny. it's so much fun to make something for baby :)

06 January 2010

simple japanese curry for dinner

it's simple to cook on a day that you don't feel like cooking.

02 January 2010

2010 resolutions

our 2010 resolutions

1. be happy and healthy
2. appreciate and love family more
3. remember family & friends' birthday and anniversary better
4. live with less
5. share more
6. be more sustainable
7. keep supporting handmade artists
8. eat and buy locally
9. read and learn more
10. trip to south korea, portland, okanagan or saltspring island

2009 winter

2009 fall

2009 summer

2009 spring